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On this site you will find different information about the new project of the Torenplein Church in the city of Vleuten. Different projects are rebuilding of  church rooms and restoration of the historical Batz organ  (from 1809), including donation and fundraising

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About the Torenpleinkerk


 Centuries-old church in the heart of Vleuten

De  The late-Gothic church – dedicated to Willibrord – existed in the distant past from a three-aisled nave, whose aisles along the Tower went through a, and a three-sided closed choir.

The Tower dates from ca. 1300 and is older than the Church. In 1831 the church building was severely mutilated by the disassociate oneself of the western part of the Church, whereby the Church separate from the tower. The choir party was previously aborted.  The restoration of the Church in the years 1969-1971 meant actually a rebuild of the old church, where also the connection between Church and tower was restored again. The ship is now one undivided Church Hall with a right closed choir. The Interior of the Church is decorated after the restoration again. The pulpit from the 17th century is the very impressively noordhoek of the choir. The Church has a wooden barrel vault and a tiled floor. That guarantees an excellent acoustics for Bätz organ. In the rear of the church building is a meeting centre.


27 APR


A lot of activities


  Centre of Vleuten city

  Saterday, 9:00 - 23:00h 


Excursion to restoration project Batz-organ 1809


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Impression of our church and projects